❤ Puppy alarm ❤ – Ella is going to be a mom

On friday, 12th of June 2020, we recieved the awesome confirmation, that our Ella (Cherubim’ s Royal Utra U La La) and Chester (Effloresco’s Pippin) expect offspring due to 18.07.2020.

With this exciting outcross connection 2 young talents from show and sport have found each other. We are looking forward to a healthy whippet crowd with top characters and versatile talents for S&L.
You can find more information about this mating and the parents here:
*Chester’s Homepage: https://www.hotstepper-whippets.eu/
*Ella of the Kennel Poet’s Corner: http://www.poetscorner.de/
*Pedigree: https://whippet.breedarchive.com/animal/testmating?dam_uuid=91f3ff20-2d03-4ee0-b4b5-1f06de4d917e&sire_uuid=36a935c1-ff90-4fbb-9523-8037f7c7dfb8