About Us

Hello, I hope you enjoy my Website, it is dedicated to my dogs who own my heart. For years I lived with, worked and bred Labradors, if you read further on , the story will unfold why I now have both Labradors and Whippets.

I was born in England in 1957, my father was a jockey, my mother a teacher for severely handicapped children. We had a Labrador and Jack Russels, show jumping ponies and horses. We were a successful show jumping family.

The dog breeding was more a hobby of my mother’s. In 1974 and 1980 two very serious accidents ended my career as far as horses go. It wasn’t until after having my children and getting through a life changing illness that I got back into dogs. First just a Jack Russel pet that I bred once. Then my family bought me a chocolate lab as I finished my cancer treatment. Buttons, unfortunately a product of non responsible breeding and the reason – after the heart break of having to put him to sleep at 3 years – of breeding labradors that were as healthy as possible, fit for purpose, that means, able to work, hunt, or dummy, of search and rescue, assistant dog as well as being a great member of the family.

I was very lucky to find a great mentor that helped me fine a great foundation breeding bitch, she was a qualified S&R dog, best friend of my children and the producer of a champion in every litter she had. Many search and rescue dogs, assistant dogs and fun loving sound pets. My Kennel Of Poet’s Corner was registered in Germany under VDH/FCI in 2001/2 ( O.P C) I was lucky enough to go on and have a number of outstanding dogs.

Int Sch Daleabbey’s A Kind Of Magic
over Scarleys with full working Certificate BLP

Including Int. Ch Daleabbey’s A Kind Of Magic at Scarleys who stole my heart. He gave me 1000 times more than I ever could give him. A once in a lifetime dog. My best friend and I loved him with all of my heart and still do. He was a Multi Champion, Speciality Winner, Winner in D, DK, F, CH, UK, placed at Crufts in the Special Working Dog Class. Had a full hunting certificate and BLP.

Note: In Ireland our Kennel Name is Scarleys not OPC IKC registered as it must also be admissible with the Kennel Club and Poet’s corner was already taken in IRE/UK. Normally its not allowed to have two Kennel names. This is one of the few reason it is. After a huge success with Labradors I moved for 3 years to Ireland, a great decision fantastic people, beautiful Country, just the weather, was not with extreme joint and Arthritis. But how I miss it, miss my walks on the empty beach, taking six or seven Labradors and letting them run and swim to their hearts content. I bred three litters, but unfortunately no bitch to keep. Moving then back to Germany to the relieve of my children. I received from my very good friends and top breeders Jac and Daniel Lack in France from ”Du Vallon de la Licorne” two Harley grand children: Dharma and Greg.  Unfortunately, they both developed a cruciate rip and although its not a diagnosis that excludes officially from breeding, there are just too many Labradors with it to look away. My decision was, they stay as pets.

My life changed dramatically over the last 4 years. In 2018 I brought a Whippet, I just needed to back ‘into dogs’ but a Labrador was just too heavy to look after if its ill or needs physically carrying. So ½ a Lab and decided Whippet, so very similar, so very different. Ella, has filled the hole Harley left in 2012. She tugs my heart strings every single day. She is so loving, so naughty, funny and sooths whatever hurts by instinct. Cherubin Royal’s Utra U la la (No! Not spelt wrongly, a mistake by the registration and I am superstitious so it wasn’t changed). So I became a member of the VDH Whippet Breeding Club in Germany.

In November we passed all that was necessary including some extra seminars, always something new. and the FCI – VDH Kennel of Poet’s corner is once again this time breeding Whippet, that are fit for purpose. Top quality show, and able to hold their own coursing or even racing, probably though B Licence.