Litter A

And Toodle Pip OPC “Karl”,  A Polka Dot “Dotty”

Both dogs showed very well for the first time. For both them and their owners, very well done! Both were placed  excellent 3rd. In Germany they need 2 Judges (German speaking) reports to be considered breeding standard and able to have a racing/coursing licence and to be allowed to compete for a beauty and purpose title.
Dotty is half way through her licence. 

Happy 1st birthday A Litter. I am sure you have all had an unbelievable good time in your new families. Ella and I wish you very many happy returns!

This is our Litter A about 5 weeks after their birthday. Everyone is healthy and discovering the world! Also their mother Ella is very well.

Our puppies arrived early on July 12th 2020 but with no complications. They are 4 healthy weights: 3 males and 1 female. Ella did a really great job and is being a very good mother. All the puppies are well and already increasing.