Puppy Nutrition

Breeders get bombarded with dry dogfood offerings from companies that claim to have the best of the best. I have a great deal of experience and have spent years analyzing different dogfoods and methods of feeding from all over the world, trying it out and watching exactly how whole litters develop.

I have attended countless seminars gaining information about various forms of feeding. I raised litters with different foods. You develop and find out what is best for your own puppies. As a breeder you have to stay absolutely open, sometimes it just doesn’t fit. At the time when I had an average of seven dogs, I sometimes had two or four different foods. As with us humans, some things just do not agree with us, although they are paper the best.

I have fed 2 brands over the past few years, but I also give my dogs raw meat, blanch fish, fruits and vegetables. What I do not feed and what I attach great importance to my dogs or puppies: No grain!! – Even in treats, I take great care that there is no grain here.

You are what you eat

My puppies are whenever possible fed by their mother for the first three to four weeks. After that weaning starts, puppy milk from Royal Canin, not supplementing her own milk but mixed with ground spelt oats (a kind of Ur-wheat) that doesn’t cause allergies is normally their first thin porridge that can be, if necessary, fed from a bottle. Depending on the size of the litter and how much milk the mother has, we start with puppy milk, potatoes and carrot spelt porridge, going on to the Prebiotic Starter Puppy, after they have learned to lap themselves. During further development, when they are allowed to eat a variety of different foods, the puppies receive dry food, raw red meat, poached fish, curd cheese, buttermilk, yoghurt, balanced minerals and vitamins, also fruits, vegetables and a little cooked sauerkraut for good gut culture. You can find out more in a personal conversation. The dry food that we offer to the puppies is also the same as what they get when you pick up your puppies.

Why don’t I tell which one? Quite simple – I know what I would like to feed, but that’s not always what suits the litter. I feed my own dogs Platinum Natural, a different kind of-dry food, and Wolfsblut. Both dog foods have a meat / fish content of 65-70%, that I’ve been feeding since 2005! The fresh meat is only bought from local organic farms and of course the puppies get large uncooked meat bones when teething. We do not give our dogs any nibbles from an uncertain manufacture. Please be aware that a lot of this chew and treats are manufactured in Asia. There is also no need to buy such chews that can also be quite dangerous. Special rootwood or big unswallowable bones raw that don’t splitter are the healthy option – we are happy to help you choose when the time comes.