Cherubim’s Royal Utra U La La


born 06.01.2018
WCD/VDH Zuchtzulassung 2019

Ella won every class she was entered in as a baby and as a puppy in Possen.

  • CACIB Leipzig 2 x VV1
  • CACIB Metz 2018  Jugend Klasse  Exc 1, CACs und BOB -2 Platz Metz BJIS  Main Ring
  • Crufts 2019
  • DWZRV Whippet Club Show Lorch  V1 CAC Zw. Klasse 2019
  • CACIB  Metz 2019 Zw. Klasse Exc 1
  • Platzierungen CACIBs Karlsruhe V2, Hannover V2 , Brüssel V2
  • Renn- und Coursing Lizenz
  • 2. Und 3. Platz Clubrennen Lorch
  • 6. Platz (15) CACL Coursing Grab incl. Punkte für S&L Ch.


Ella chose me as I visited the Kennel Cherubim`s Royal Katharina Voß-Ehlers, interested in buying a puppy, when she was just 6 months old. I would like to thank Katherina for giving me Ella (Ulla as she was then known). Ella filled a big hole that had been left by Harley. She is very very special to me.
She is confident but sensative as Whippets should be, fun loving, sometime naughty girl. She loves to run, which she is allowed to do in the right circumstances, because she is controllable. She shows well. She is loved by everyone on the race course and at coursing training. She is a strongly built  hard working Whippet who always does her best and we have loads of fun together. At the same time she is my son’s favourite dog and she loves to play with the grandchildren. In the evenings she cuddles under the blanket and loves to be with her family.