Potential Puppy Owners

Our wishes to potential puppy owners

Please do your homework before considering buying any puppy or dog. If you decide, a Whippet is the right breed for you, your family please do your homework all over again, and this time specifically related to Whippets. Please read our information on breeding and how we go about it.

If you have got this far and you are still interested in meeting me and my dogs, I am a serious registered breeder with a big heart. We, that`s my family and I, are very particular about giving our puppies only in the very best of homes.

Please don`t forget that those cute little puppies will grow up. When they are grown up. It may make a puddle or a pooh on the floor at the beginning. If you don`t put your shoes out of reach “he” will chew them or even something more valuable!

He needs to go out 4 or more times every day (as a puppy up to 8 times) whatever the weather. He will come home muddy and wet, if he`s had a good time.

If your beautiful floors at home are slippery, you must cover them with old carpets or a non-slip flooring to avoid joint damage. Your chintz sofa should be covered with an old blanket, because at some time you`ll come home and your Whippet will be lying on it. He may dig holes in the garden big enough to bury a bucket. When he`s older he needs some sort interesting activity.

You have this responsibility for probably 12-16 years. Are you really up to it? If so please continue.

Our puppy buyers can rely on us for a dog’s lifetime support. We accompany and guide all our puppy buyers whatever the problem is. We are honest and very outspoken people and we are looking for the same type of person for our puppies. If things don`t turn out to be how they should be, will have no hesitations in reconsidering our decision to sell.