Puppy Selection

I have explained under breeding why I, or we together, choose the right puppy for you, here I will gladly go into more detail.

Of course, like all good breeders, we strive to bring the right puppy together with the right family. That is why it is so important that we get to know each other better and that both sides need to ask many questions. When you come to visit, we are therefore very attentive, and usually have an idea very soon who could fit whom, sometimes puppies and owners find each other on their own. It is also very helpful to know in advance if you, are interested in showing later or want to be involved with a certain sport activity.

Please keep in mind that as a breeder I have a breeding plan and therefore 1-3 puppies are reserved for my goals, but who they are will only become apparent around the 6-7 week. On your first visit, you can still love all puppies equally. The final decision whether and who to whom will be made at a later date.

Male or Female it really doesn’t make any difference unless you have another dog already. You want a particular gender because you want to breed. You live in a street with dominantly one gender. All puppies are unique and have individual personalities that is mostly not gender related. Spaying and neutering, it is illegal under the Animal Protection Laws “Tierschutzgesetz” in Germany to spay or neuter any animal without a convincing medical reason. We will not sell a puppy to a potential owner that already wishes to do the procedure at a later date. Chemical neutering from a male is painless and allowed – “Reversible, non-permanent hormonal implant Chemical Castration“. It has been proven over many years of studies that the disadvantages considerably out way the advantages.

For more information look here (just german language): https://www.poetscorner.de/vdh-zuechterseminar/

We observe the puppies very carefully from day one and have a form diary about their behaviour and disposition, discovering new thing and very day  challenges. Nothing is more important to us, as that our puppies go to the “right home”! That they and their families have a long and happy life together.

This is why we always pick the puppies with you. Our puppy testing (Volhard Test ) at 6,5 weeks is just to confirm the observations and done by another pair of experienced eyes.